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DAP Resins manufactures 2 types of resoles - a single stage resole as well as a two-stage resole.


DAP Resins manufactures a liquid novolac through a very unique process.

Phenolic Resin Blends

The manufactured resoles and novolac are blended in various ratios to ensure optimum performance with regards to strength and flexibility.

Resin Recovery

DAP Resins also partially recovers b-stage phenolic resin from Drycoat's offcuts. This is reintroduced back into the process via the phenolic resins blends.

Research &

Due to the entrepreneurial spirit in the HM Group, several R&D projects have been initiated and completed. These include phenolic foams, castings resins, manufacturing of biodiesel as well as pultrusion resins.

DAP Resins also recently successfully introduced a lignin based resole. This resin is now in its implementation / commercialising phase.